Bluetooth HC-05 Và SocKet Bluetooth HC05 HC06

Các cách vẽ nguyên lý của mạch HC05 theo Module hoặc kết nối MAX232
Tìm Hiểu Sơ Lược Về Chân HC05

Product Specifications

  • Chipset CSR BC417143
  • Bluetooth version V2.0+EDR
  • Output power Class II
  • Flash 8Mbit
  • Power Supply 3.3V
  • Size 26.9mm13mm2.2mm


HC05 pin Mbed pin
1 - Tx P10 - Rx
2 - Rx P9 - Tx
12 - 3.3V Vout - 3.3V
13 - GND GND
31 - PIO8
32 - PIO9
34 - PIO11 GND or 3.3V

AT command mode

In AT command mode you can configure and send control command to the HC05 device.

For enter into AT mode you must follow this steps:

  • Power off the mbed
  • Tie PIO11 to 3.3V (you can see it on the schematic below)
  • Power on the mbed
  • Open a serial monitor (Set the baud to 115200; choose “Both CR+LF” in the check box)

Sơ đồ nguyên lý

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